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Proposals for New CBA to be Voted on Tomorrow

Tomorrow league officials and team owners will vote on proposals for the league's new CBA. In order for one of the proposals to pass a majority vote is needed. On Wednesday the results will be published and the new CBA will take effect. Here are the proposed new rules...

Franchise Tag

Proposal: When a player on a team becomes a free agent the team can automatically sign that player to a 1-tournament contract extension without the players consent. The contract amount will be whatever the league's average per-tournament salary is + 50%. For example: If the average salary per tournament was $100 then if a team franchise tagged a player they would sign them to a 1-tourney $150 contract. Teams would only be allowed to use the franchise tag one time [until the next CBA].

The good: Owners who feel in danger that they won't be able to re-sign their star player would have the ability to keep them from leaving for an extra tournament.

The bad: Teams who want to steal a star player from another team when they become a free agent wouldn't be able to if the player was franchise tagged until after the following tourney.

Note: The NFL has this rule, the NBA and MLB do not.

Rookie Contracts

Proposal: A Rookie player's first contract is limited to a maximum amount of money. In this case any rookies contract would be automatically 2-tournaments and could only be a max of $6 total ($3 per tournament).

The good: Since there is no draft in the JAL, this rule would allow for every team in the league to compete financially for the best incoming talent. It would help struggling teams rebuild their rosters without having to break the bank or take big risks.

The bad: Rookies who become instant stars would be grossly underpaid until after their 2-tournament rookie contract expires.

Note: The NFL, NBA, and MLB all have this rule.

Salary Cap

Proposal: Teams will be limited to an maximum amount they can pay their players in total each tournament. For Example: If for an upcoming tournament Player A was due to make $300, Player B was due to make $400 and Player C was due to make $500 the team's total salary for that tournament would be $1,200. If the league salary cap was $1,300 or higher they would be fine, but if it was $1,100 or lower, they would be over the cap and violating the rule. If this rule is voted in, league offcials will determine what the salary cap amount will be.

The good: This one is pretty stright forward, a cap would level the playing field in terms of free agency.

The bad: For owners, a salary cap makes managing a team more complex and harder to sign free agents they really want.

Note: The NFL and NBA have a salary cap, the MLB does not.


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