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Express, Lynx, and Rapids All Offer Kyle Godinho A Max Deal

A tough choice lies ahead for Kyle Godinho. Yesterday, it was announced that he would make his debut in JAL XII and within hours he received a contract offer from the Missouri Express, Toutle Lynx, and Castle Rock Rapids.

As a rookie, the max contract Kyle can sign is $6/2-tournaments. All three teams extended him that max offer.

Kyle says instead of making a decision right away, he will take a little time to explore his options (Let the dramatic build up begin).

Anyway, here’s a look at each of those options.

Missouri Express

The Express are a new team, which makes it hard for them to really use anything as a recruitment tool. If Kyle choses to play for Missouri he is guaranteed to have an owner that is very committed to winning and he would immediately get to be the face of a franchise. Maybe most importantly, he wouldn't have to earn the starting pitcher job like he might have to do if he signed with one of the other two teams.

Toutle Lynx

Let’s face it, the Lynx are already really good. If they score Kyle and he turns out to be even half as good as he’s hyped to be then this team is going to be like the Miami Heat from a few years ago. Interestly though, when Toutle’s star Jordan Halverson found out the Lynx had made Kyle an offer he wasn’t exactly thrilled. Perhaps Jordan didn’t want the team’s chemistry to get messed with, or maybe he wasn’t happy with the idea of possibly splitting time at pitcher with Kyle or even losing the starting job to him entirely. Either way, he loosened up a bit after Lynx owner JoLynn McCully assured him the team would be better off with Kyle than without him.

Castle Rock Rapids

Even though the Rapids missed the playoffs in JAL XI, they’re still a good team and currently ranked #3 in the power rankings. The biggest draw the Rapids can offer besides that, is the fact that Kyle’s little brother Shawn is on the team. Ty Johnson only has one tournament left on his contract with the club and has knee surgery looming in May, so if the Rapids were to get Kyle they could remain a good team when Ty goes on the IR or leaves the team entirely after JAL XII.

Lastly, in a surprise move, Cobras owner Erika Halverson decided last night that she would not make Kyle a contract offer. The Cobras were originally expected to make a run for him, but Erika shifted her priorities. Michael Sullivan only has 1-tournament left on his contract and the team hopes to keep him around when it expires. To do so, the Cobras think they’ll need a good amount of cap space. Right now the team has $6 in cap space, and if they signed Kyle it would be reduced to $3 which likely wouldn’t be enough to keep Michael around.

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