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Free Agents Still on the Market

It seems like there have been a lot of signings in the last couple weeks, but don’t get to relaxed because there are sure to be more on the horizon.

Here is a list of free agents still out there and little bit about each one…

Bryce DesArmo: Bryce last played for the Columbia Bison, but when James French took over as owner of the team he was cut in favor of Ty Frankin and Mikel Skreen. In his 4-tournament career with both the underdogs and Bison, Bryce is a 2-time all-star, 2-time Fielding Crown winner 1-time MVP (JAL VII) and 1-time champion (JAL VII). All those accomplishments were done in his first two tournaments though, so it’s fair to say in the last two tournaments he has slumped. Known mostly for his playmaking in the field, Bryce has shown he can be a HR hitter when hot. Right now Bryce is unranked, but would be a solid pickup.

Kevin Johnson: Kevin is probably the best free agent still on the market. In his 8-tournament career Kevin has been named an all-star 3 times and the Batting Crown winner once. Perhaps most importantly Kevin is a good starting pitcher, which is what any team in this league has to have to be successful. Although he did not win the Pitching Crown in JAL IX, Kevin recorded a 1.50 ERA which was the tournament best. Kevin has also won the WWCD Cup twice and is currently the #7 ranked player in the JAL. Kevin was the original founder and owner of the Bison before James French and has never been affiliated with another team, so it will be weird seeing him play for another franchise (since it is highly unlikely that the Bison will try to sign him).

Mason Klingberg: In Mason’s 2-tournament career he played for the underdogs alongside Josh Wall. The team missed the playoffs both tournaments and Mason struggled. After JAL XI Mason’s contract expired and the u-dogs did not attempt to re-sign him. Right now Mason’s stock value isn’t high, but everyone knows he’s a good athlete, so somebody willing to take a chance on him could score big if he ever ends up playing to his potential.

Will Dolan: Will is rookie player, so it’s hard to evaluate him but back in the day Will use to be a horrible wiffle ball batter. Those stories have so far seemed to scare off teams from going after him. Like Mason, though, WIll is a good athlete so you never know if he would be better today than back then. Even if he still doesn’t bat well, Will would be a good pick up for a team that is looking to acquire a player who would strictly play the field.

Luke Rahn: In JAL XI Luke played DH for the Vancouver Cobras. He was on a 1-tournament deal and after the tournament the Cobras opted not to try and re-sign him. In JAL XI Luke didn’t record many hits, but actually posted an OBP over .500. With experience now under his belt, anyone who picks up Luke could end up with a diamond in the rough eventually.

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