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Hannah Whitten named Bambinos Coach

The JAL now has its first ever coach… Sort of.

The Cowlitz Bambinos have named Hannah Whitten head coach of the team.

“She wouldn’t stop bugging me about being a part of the team,” said Bambinos co-owner Hunter Whitten.

Hunter is Hannah’s older brother, and the team’s other co-owner Brian Whitten is her dad, so the management of the franchise only continues to grow as a completely family affair.

“It’s really more of title for her to have, she doesn’t have much decision making power,” Hunter added.

Based on what Hunter says, this whole piece of news probably means very little in the grand scheme of things. It is funny though, and we like funny in the JAL, so we’re talking about it anyway… And technically Hannah gets the honors of being the first one to do something new in this league.

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