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Castle Rock Displays Uniforms, Get Mixed Responses

The Castle Rock Rapids have finished their uniforms, which have so far received mixed reviews.

As you can see, they will use teal (one of their accent colors) as their base color, and the franchise's alternate logo of the single oar will be shown alongside the players numbers.

While some have said they love the simplicity of the jerseys, others have said they're the worst ones in the league so far.

A few main problems a handful of people have expressed are that 1. The team should have used it's primary color navy blue instead of teal as the base color, 2. It's boring, and 3. That the navy oar against the teal should have been a lighter color like the numbers.

What do you think of the Rapids "simple design" style jerseys? Are they really the worst so far, or do you like them?

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