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Castle Rock Acquires Kalyn Paque

Just a few short hours ago the Rapids offered Kalyn Paque a spot on their roster and she accepted the deal.

Castle Rock has been interested in signing Paque for the last week or so, but had not formally extended her an offer until this afternoon.

Owner Julie Johnson typically takes her time when making roster decisions, so the wait for an offer to be put on the table was no surprise and may have gone on longer if it weren't for Grannie Woodruff and the u-dogs.

In the last couple days Woodruff has expressed interest in signing Paque. After finding out about that, Johnson felt pressure to make a decision quick and ultimately pulled the trigger.

According to rumors, Paque has expressed a desire to play for the Rapids because of Ty Johnson. Unfortunately for both her and the Rapids, Ty is likely out for JAL XIII, but none the less she accepted the offer.

With Paque now filling the last available spot on the roster the Rapids will enter JAL XIII with only a combined 2 tournaments of experience between their 3 active players (Godinho, Schefflemaier, and Paque), both of which belong to Shawn Godinho.

At this moment Castle Rock has Paque listed as playing the outfield.

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