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Bay Area Signs Rookie Parker Williamson

Earlier today the Fog inked rookie Parker Williamson to a rookie max deal. The team and Williamson had been in talks for the last 3-4 days before closing the deal.

Parker is 26, and the older sibling of both Nate and Brad Williamson who play for the Bambinos and Express respectively.

Nate and Brad each made their JAL debut in the previous JAL 12 and each lived up to the all-star level of play that was expected, though Brad did not make the all-star roster by a small margin.

Parker is rumored to have the same kind of talent.

Fellow Fog rookie Lucas Myers was instrumental in the signing. He and Parker have childhood history that includes swinging the wiffleball bat.

Analysts are expecting Myers to be a top player, and now Parker as well. However, because they are each rookies neither is ranked in the top 20 players list, for now.

The Fog began the off-season ranked #7, but are currently slotted in the #5 spot. After their disastrous JAL 12 in which the team failed to win a game, the Fog are back in playoff discussions.

At this time it is undetermined what position Parker will play for the team. It is also still unknown (or being kept private on purpose by the team) who will start at pitcher. Jacob Rahn has been the starter for 3 tournaments, but has tendencies to be extremely ineffective on occasion. Rumor has it Myers has been practicing throwing, but no confirmation has been made on the issue.

Majority owner Darren Ayoub (who is out for JAL 13) was hardly involved in the signing of Myers and even more so Williamson. Because of that, and comments he made last week saying "I hope the team does poor without me playing," serious management question marks are being raised about the franchise's current state of management.

One thing is for sure though, winning cures all. With Myers and Williamson set to bring reinforcement to championship franchise that recently skid off the rails everything might be just fine soon.

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