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JAL 13 Relocated to CR Elementary Field, Arrive No Later Than 12:30

Last night league officials decided to relocate JAL 13 to the Castle Rock Elementary School Field. It was originally set to be played at the high school soccer field, but the commissioners were all in agreement that the CRES Field would be a better set up and made the switch 4 days prior to the season.

The CRES Field was in the running to host both JAL 12 and 13 when they were being planned, but wasn't selected.

The biggest reason the change has been made was because the soccer nets at the soccer field were intended to be used as backstops for pass balls, but in a recent visit to the field it was discovered the holes in the nets were too big to effectively catch the balls.

CRES Field provides a large chain backstop to field 1, and a shorter chain fence to field 2. Additionally, little league baseball and spring football will be taking place nearby during the same time, so hosting JAL 13 will naturally be better in a more secluded area.

Below is a diagram of where exactly the fields will be chalked out in relation to the entire property. The league apologizes for the change in venue 4 days away from the event, but trust us in that this will much more effectively accommodate our desired set up.

*Additionally we ask that everyone arrive no later than 12:30. The Plate Ceremony will begin at 12:50 and the first pitch of Opening Game will be thrown at 1pm sharp. Remember, there are jerseys and contract money to be passed out, and we know everyone likes to socialize and warm up before playing so don't be late! League officials will be on location all morning, so feel free to show up as early as you like.

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