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New Rule Changes

After every JAL the league identifies changes that can be made to better improve the quality of play. RIght now pitching has gotten too good and offense is more challenging than it should be. For that reason the following rule changes have been made by vote of the league commissioners...

Change #1: Pitching line moved back, base hit lines moved up

The below image is the new official dimensions of the playing field. The single line will now be just 30 ft away, and the other lines spaced out evenly behind it. Pitching will now be from 45 feet back and pitchers will pitch from inside a circle instead of on a line to prevent pitchers from abusing the rule.

Change #2: Strike Zone shrunk 6 inches shorter

The new strike zone instead of a lawn chair is great, but it was a little too tall in JAL 13. The new zone will be 30 inches tall instead of 36. The 24 inch width of the zone as well as the 21 inch elevation from the ground will remain the same.

JAL logo (JAL 9-pres).png
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