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Rapids Win 6-team Battle for Halverson

Jordan Halverson could have chose to sign with almost anybody. He fielded a contract offer from 6 different teams, but in the end decided to ink a $24, 3 season deal ($8 per) with the Castle Rock Rapids.

To make room on on the salary cap (Which is now maxed out) the Rapids simultaneously cut Kalyn Paque and Drew Scheffelmaier. Most of all though, the team will now not be able to re-sign free agent Shawn Godinho.

Since JAL 10 the Rapids had built something special with Shawn playing the Robin role to Ty Johnson's Batman. Together the two brought franchise its first championship and rose the team out of the depths to the prominent status it currently holds as a title contender season in and season out.

"The Rapids organization is like a family, and Shawn has been a part of it for a while, so it's very sad to know he won't be back with us going forward," said owner Julie Johnson. "He had a breakout season in JAL 13, especially as a pitcher, and deserves to finally get the chance to be the star of a team."

Sources claim other teams had been contacting Shawn since the end of JAL 13, but that he wanted to re-sign with the Rapids and was waiting for an offer from them. Sadly now, that offer will never come.

As for gaining Halverson, both Ty and Julie Johnson are excited about the future.

"Jordan is a great batter and that's what we've been missing for a number of seasons now," said Julie.

"We will only be a two person team, but I think that might actually be better," said Ty. "You can get into a rhythm much easier."

This whole ordeal has certainly helped even out the competitive edge between the National and American Conference. Is Castle Rock the new favorites out of the NC to get to the cup?

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