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What's Next for Declining Lynx?

When the Toutle Lynx made their franchise debut in JAL 9 they won it all. In their 5 total seasons as a franchise they've never missed the playoffs. But that all might be coming to an end....

Even though they've been considered one of the top tier teams for their entire existence, if you look close at the numbers they've actually slowly declined. In the chart below you can see that as time has gone on the team has consistently finished further and further from the cup.

Maybe that's because the core of the roster never really changed. And maybe that's what lead to the recent fallout with their best asset...

The Lynx are now without Jordan Halverson, whom they released about a week ago because apparently he and management couldn't see eye to eye on how to get the ball rolling back uphill. Yes, perhaps his "elite status" is slipping with the league continuing to grow and develop new MVP caliber stars, but make no mistake, it's going to be one tough project replacing him.

Right now Stephen Todd is the only player on the roster and he's on an unpaid HS contract, so the team has a full load in cap space. The free agent market is rich with players, but owner McCully is known to sign rookies and develop the team in a home grown fashion.

It will be interesting to see how the Lynx rebuild, but it'll probably take some time. It could be a few seasons before they get back to being on the only level anyone knows them at, which is high.

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