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What's Taking the Fog so Long to Re-Sign Rahn?

The Bay Area Fog are the only team in JAL that can remain prominent even when they're not very good. Why? Because of the "Brash Borthers" (Darren Ayoub and Jacob Rahn) as they've come to be named.

Jacob Rahn however, is currently a free agent. According to rumors he's not interested in signing with another team and walk away from the franchise he's been with his whole career. Beside's, let's face it, it would be sad to see him and Ayoub split up.

The big question right now is, perhaps that's what Ayoub wants?

JAL 13 has been over for three weeks now, and Ayoub (team owner) has yet to extend Rahn an offer to re-sign. Ayoub said yesterday he intends to do so eventually, but not yet...

What exactly that means is anyone's guess.

Rahn is a former MVP, but in the last two seasons has slipped to being just a role player. In the JAL 14 Top 20 Player Rankings that came out yesterday he did not make the cut. Given that, it makes sense Ayoub would want to fully weigh his options before re-uping Rahn on a new deal.

The biggest thing Rahn brings to the table for the Fog is allowing the Brash Brothers legacy to live on and that's probably why you can expect him to be on the Fog still come JAL 14.

What do you think, will the Fog re-sign Rahn or have we seen the last of this era from the team?

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