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Lane Traver back in with Cowlitz, Carroll out

Free agent Lane Traver and the Cowlitz Bambinos have reached a $25 over 5 season contract agreement. Traver has an opt-out option after the first 2 seasons and all money in the first 2 seasons is guaranteed.

Simultaneously upon signing Lane, the B's cut Kaleb Carroll.

Lane played his rookie season (JAL 12) with the team but was cut heading into JAL 13. Perhaps that is why making sure his money was guaranteed through the first two seasons was a big clause in the negotiations. Carroll played his rookie outing with the team last season in JAL 13.

"Lane is back to solidify us offensively, and Carroll is out because he wasn't the right fit for our team even though he is a solid player," said Cowlitz co-owner Brian Whitten.

Lane was has reportedly in close talks with both the Bambinos and the Mafia over the last few weeks, but ultimately was hoping to strike a deal with the team that gave him his start in the league.

"It's an honor," said Lane on being back with Cowlitz. "They're a great team with great overhead and a desire to win."

The Bambinos still have 1 roster spot open and $8 in cap space, but Brian says they're not looking to add anyone else...

"Right now we're not looking for a 4th player, but if the right player came available anything is possible."

The reasoning is probably because rookie Colton Titus WILL be making his debut for the team in JAL 14 and they're very excited about him as a pitcher and hitter. Brain even went as far as to say Titus could become the best player in the league.

But right the best player in the game is free agent Nate Williamson, who spent the last two seasons on Cowlitz. Williamson is out for JAL 14 and word on the street is that he is going to wait to sign a new contract until he returns for JAL 15 so that he can make the best decision on who to join based on how the landscape of the league changes between now and then.

Regardless of that, Bambinos management says they're in ongoing talks him.

"We are still in the process to shore him up for a long term contract with us," said Brian. "He is a top priority for the Bambinos and the future of the franchise

According to reports, Williamson is also in talks with the Express, but the B's are confident he'll stay home and re-sign with them.

"Nothing's official, but he's told me that he plans on signing with us," said Hunter.

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