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Tyler Traver Out For Bambinos

Cowlitz will try to defend the WWCD Cup without any of their players from the season before that won it. Ouch!

The B's have just learned that reigning Batting Crown winner and All-Star Tyler Traver will not be active for the team in JAL 14. Cowlitz has been preparing this entire off-season knowing they would also not have MVP Nate Williamson back.

Now the Bambinos will go forward with Lane Traver and rookie Colton TItus. Co-owner of the franchise Brian Whitten says "we'll be just fine, I guarantee it," and that they are currently in talks and close to signing another rookie.

Regardless, the Bambinos have dropped from #4 to #7 in the power rankings.

Because there will be no players in JAL 14 from the championship team the annual Plate Ceremony before the Open Game will not occur.

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