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1st Slate of JAL 14 Awards Out: Outstanding Rookie, Outstanding Manager, WWCD Cup MVP

Awards still to come

Batting Crown

Pitching Crown

Fielding Crown

NC All-Stars

AC All-Stars


Outstanding Rookie: Colton Titus (Bambinos Pitcher/Batter)

What an arm! Had the Bambinos made the playoffs they would have been tough to handle behind Colton Titus. He's 1-0 victory over Kyle Godinho and the Express at the end of the regular season turned a lot of heads. Expectations are now very high as many expect him to become an MVP candidate in JAL 15.

Outstanding Manager: Garrett Blain (Express owner)

Blain lost Taite Kleine and Brad Williamson over the offseason, but made up for it by signing Shawn Godinho and rookie Marcus Deyo, who played big roles in winning the championship.

WWCD Cup MVP: Kyle Godinho (Express Pitcher)

For the first 4 innings of the cup, Kyle had neutralized the Cobras, allowing only 1 run, but they trailed 0-1. In 5th though, when the Express took the lead 2-1 Kyle saw red and put away the side in 4 pitches to close it out.

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