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JAL 14 Crown Winners Announced

Batting Crown: Marcus Deyo (Express)

Marcus recorded numerous home runs and even a grand slam. To go along with the championship, he now racks up his first ever individual award in the JAL. Coming off only his rookie season now, Deyo is already among some of the best players in the league.

Pitching Crown: Colton Titus (Bambinos)

Many thought this award might go to Kyle Godinho, but Colton Titus will be taking it home, mostly because of his pitcher duel 1-0 win over Godinho in the regular season. Titus dd not start the B's opening game vs the Wrecking Crew, whcih they lost 9-0. But in the final 2 games of the season as the team's ace, Titus did not allow a single run. Don't be surprised if he becomes the JAL 15 MVP.

Fielding Crown: Jordan Halverson (Rapids)

Who would have thought this before the season right? The whole offseason people did nothing but talk bad how Halverson would likely be in the field, having spent his entire career as a pitcher. To everyone's surprise though, he showed he's got skills at the position with several impressive catches and swat-down's. This award was definitely the toughest for league administrators to decide on though, as Mason Klingberg and Shawn Godinho also made tough plays in big moments to help their teams.

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