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Express Lock Up Current Players to Long-Term Extensions

Express owner Garrett Blain knows when you win a championsip you don't mess with the formula...

None of the 3 players on the defending title team are free agents, but that didn't stop 2 of them (and likely all 3 very soon) from getting new deals.

Marcus Deyo and Shawn Godinho have each signed long-term extensions with the Express. Deyo's is $28/4-season ($10 in the 1st 2 and $4 in the last 2) and Shawn's is $20/4-seasons.

As for the ring leader, Kyle Godinho, Blain has named him the team's General Manager. With that power Blain says Kyle is free to sign himself to whatever contract extension amount he wants, or he can remain on his current deal of $7 per season, which has 1 season left. It's probably safe to assume he'll do the former, and Blain says he expects him to, saying "he deserves the money."

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