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Rapids Add to Roster Behind New GM, Ty Johnson

Immediately after re-signing with the Rapids and becoming their new General Manager, Ty Johnson signed high-potential rookie Troy Flanagan to a $15/2-season deal.

Flanagan is 20 years old and a Woodland native. He has a baseball background, having played all the way through high school.

Shortly after, Ty got right to work on Cobras free agent Kevin Johnson. Just hours later he was signed to the league minimum for 3-seasons. The Cobras had not yet made an offer to re-sign Kevin, who mentioned he was tired of waiting to see if they would.

Kevin obviously didn't care about his salary amount in his new contract. He did however, ask to have an opt-out option after every season, and the team agreed to give it to him.

The Rapids say they are not done pursuing players, as they have another rookie in mind they hope to acquire soon.

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