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Morton & Fish Will Get Ball Nov. 12th - Heintzman & Mosteller Inactive for 1st 3 Games

Toutle Lynx

Since signing rookie pitchers Matthew Morton and Anthony Heintzman early this offseason, the Lynx had yet to publicly name who the team's "ace" will be between the two. The build up to that decision has now ended in anti-climatic fashion as Heintzman's status for Nov. 12th (1st half of regular season) is now listed as OUT. The team says Heintzman is slated to make his league debut on Dec. 23rd (2nd half of regular season), so will not miss the entire JAL 15 season.

Despite this news Toutle has still not officially declared Morton the ace. The two other players on the roster (neither of whom are listed as pitchers) are Stephen Todd and Asher VanHoof though, so analysis are projecting that Morton will likely pitch all 3 games for the team on Nov. 12.

Ubbelohde Hill underdogs

Caleb Mosteller had been the only player listed as pitcher on the underdogs roster this offseason until today. Ryan Fish is now listed as the team's #2, but only because news broke that Mosteller is now OUT for Nov. 12. Like Heintzman, the team says he will be active on Dec. 23rd.

Fish (who is also the u-dogs GM) says the team may make another pick-up for the first 3 games, as there is still 1 spot left on the roster. If not though, Fish says he will be the team's #1 arm until Mosteller returns. On his confidence to perform in the circle Fish said "it will be alright," and that he wasn't overly concerned. He also added that he has practicing.

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