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Fog Add 2 Role Players to Roster

Nickolas Proudfit had to wait a bit longer than he hoped to get picked up by a team, but he is now a member of the Bay Area Fog.

Proudfit has played 2 seasons in the JAL for the Rapids in JAL 12, and the Lynx last season. Contracts with both teams were only for one season, and so too is his latest one with the Fog. He and the team reached a small 1-season $4 deal earlier today.

"It not like it's a lot of money but I don't care, I just want to play."

General Manger Josh Wall, who orchestrated the deal, was looking for a role player that could hit the ball decently, something last season the Fog struggled to do. Of acquiring Proudfit, Wall says "we're excited about our first signing (as new ownership) and have faith in our team." Besides bat, Proudfit is expected to be the team's starter in the field to replace Darren Ayoub.

At pitcher Bay Area is solid with Lucas Myers, but has had really no relief arms for the last couple of seasons. Josh Wall, who also today signed himself to the roster (minimum deal) will now fill that void in the depth chart. Wall has 4 seasons of playing experience, all of which has been with the underdogs.

Bay Area now has 4 players on their roster (Myers, Gehring, Proudfit, Wall) with room for 1 more. Whether or not they desire to fill that space is unknown.

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