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Mafia/Storm Owners Kleine/Koopman Sign Selves

As predicted they would, Mafia owner Taite Kleine and Storm owner Kyle Koopman have signed themselves to their respective teams just before the season begins tomorrow. Team owner/players generally like to do this because it allows them to manage their roster all off-season and then sign on themselves right at the end when they have it all set. Both owners did this before last season too. Kleine and Koopman each put themselves on minimum deals.

Koopman and the Storm have also made a last minute signing of rookie Taylor Spears-VanCamp after learning Tyler Hudson's availability Saturday is doubtful. She currently plays softball at Castle Rock and is expected to bat and possibly field for the team - Koopman will do the same thing. As for the Mafia, Kleine will rotate in as a backup pitcher behind Colby Gaston, and bat.

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