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Poll Question: Will Sullivan Win A Tittle With Missouri?

Michael Sullivan is the best player in the JAL to have never won a championship. He's been so close so many times with the Cobras, but is now a member of the Missouri Express after last week's historic trade.

Unfortunately, Sullivan has become labeled a "choker," through his career so far. The whole thing has been an ongoing story for multiple seasons and has become one of the biggest storylines to follow in the league. His personal - and collective team - talent has been enough in the past to win a Cup, just as it is now on the Express. That is what begs us to ask the question, "Will he finally win one with Missouri?"

Sullivan is under a new $75/3-season deal with the team, which means (unless traded or cut) he'll be there through the rest of this season, JAL 16 &17.

To answer the poll question click here. You can also unanimously submit a reason for your answer (optional). The results & best responses will be posted on Twitter and Snapchat tomorrow!

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