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15 Things That Have Happened Since u-dogs Last Made Playoffs

The underdogs are notorious in the league for being that "cursed franchise." We all know this, and the fact that the u-dogs have never won a championship, despite being the oldest team in the league.

But what about the playoffs? After JAL 15 the streak of consecutive seasons without making postseason is now up to 7 in a row (JAL 9). Given that stat, we got to thinking.... Just how much has happened since the underdogs last made it? Below is a look.... And some of the stuff you're about to see is a bit unbelievable.

15 Things that have happened since the underdogs last made the playoffs in JAL 9

* The league had 5 total teams... It now has 12.

* The underdogs were still named the "Silver Lake underdogs" (changed to "Ubbelohde Hill underdogs" in JAL 12) and were purple and gold. Since then the franchise has also changed it's logo 3 different times.

* Brock Johnson was still playing for the Cobras

* Kyle Koopman played for the u-dogs in JAL 9. Since then Koopman has expended his own franchise (Storm) into the league and sold it.

* The Bay Area Fog & Northwest Mafia franchise's did not exist yet... Now neither exist.

* The Express have won 3 championships

* Games were still being played at Apple Park, which is now considered a "historic site" for the league.

* Teams were not wearing jerseys yet.

* The Bison were still owned by Kevin Johnson and their "collapse from the top" had not even happened yet.

* 5/6 of the next JAL MVP's had not even made their rookie debuts yet.

* Lawn chairs were still being used as the Strike Zone for games.

* All of 2016 happened (JAL 9 was on Oct. 9-10, 2015).

* 459 total days have passed.

* The National and American Conferences had not yet been created.

* 13 different players have played for the underdogs since

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