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Lawmen Sign 4 Players

Late last night the Kansas Lawmen finalized the signings of their first 3 players in franchise history. As expected would be the case, each player is a high school rookie, and is from the Olympia/Lacey area of Washington. General Manger of the team, Ryley Larson (1 season of experience, also in HS, and also from that area), signed himself to the team as well.

The four players (as seen in the picture) from left to right are: Ethan Loveless, Colton Steepy, Kristian Knight, and Ryley Larson. Details on each player are below...

Loveless: Batter - 6'0, 170 - (sophomore)

Steepy: Batter - 5'10, 150 - (sophomore)

Knight: Batter/Pitcher - 6'3, 235 - (junior)

Larson: Fielder/Batter/Pitcher - 5'9, 165 - (sophomore)

Ryley Larson says in the next few days the team also plans to sign one more player (an ace pitcher) to fill their 5th and final spot on the roster.

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