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Wrecking Crew & Guthrie Approaching Deal

One of this offseason's biggest free agent stars, Sean Guthrie, is reportedly close to re-signing with the Wrecking Crew. According to team owner Aaron Deister, the public should expect for a new contract to be finalized "soon."

Being that it's been almost two weeks since free agency opened up, naturally many people have began to wonder if Guthrie is considering leaving for another team. Adding to that, it's been confirmed that the Bison, Rapids, and underdogs have all made contact with him. None though, have seemed to draw his attention enough as Guthrie recently told the JAL media "I'd be surprised if I didn't stick with them (Wrecking Crew)."

It appears in the near future Guthrie will likely officially re-join the Wrecking Crew roster under a new contract. He has played all 3 of his career seasons with the team. In JAL 14 he lead them to the playoffs as the ace pitcher, and last season (JAL 15) helped lead them back to the postseason again as the dual ace.

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