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Toutle Lynx: Playoff Team in JAL 16?

What happened to the Lynx? We all know the story... For 3 seasons (JAL 9-11) they were the team to beat and arguably the most feared. For another 2 seasons after that (JAL 12-13) they remained in the top tier, but the decline was brutally evident. Then when Jordan Halverson left the team for the Rapids in JAL 14 everything came to a halt.

The last two seasons the Lynx have managed to win just 1 game, which came last season vs a winless Mafia team. Many agree though, that their record (1-5) was not a good indicator of this team's potential. As we know, last season the Lynx added two new rookies to their team, Matthew Morton and Anthony Heintzman, to kick start their rebuilding effort. Heintzman is still work in progress, but by the end of the season, Morton showed he's ready to play (and eventually win) against the big boys as an ace pitcher.

As of today the team is also in talks with a rookie who they believe could be a good hitter... An aspect of the game the team needs improvement at desperately.

With Morton expected to compete for his first All-Star selection next season, Heintzman's expected continued growth as a player, and Stephen Todd out there to anchor the team as always, is Toutle getting back into the playoffs as soon as next season a real possibility or is that getting ahead of ourselves? Either way, this team should be back in the mix by at least JAL 17.

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