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Rapids vs underdogs Will Be 1st Ever Throwback Game

When the Rapids and the underdogs square off next season on July 15 in game 5 of the regular season, neither team will be wearing their jerseys. That is because this game will be the league's first ever "throwback game."

Jerseys were incorporated into the league in the JAL 13 season. Before that, teams would simply wear non-matching street clothes. Players in this game will once again dress like that instead of wear their uniforms as a tribute to those "old days."

The matchup, Rapids vs underdogs, was selected because the teams are 2 of the "original 4" franchises of the JAL. The game will to be aired LIVE on Twitter when it occurs.

As the league continues to grow the JAL plans to continue this new throwback game tradition and have at least one throwback game per season.

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