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Opening Day Recap (Highlights)

JAL 16 is underway! Yesterday (Opening Day of the season) was full of interesting outcomes and performances from players. Below is a look some of the top highlights of the day. To see final scores of the games or current standings click on the JAL XVI tab above.

Opening Day highlights

No championship hangover for Express — Team blew through Opening Day by winning 10-2 vs Waves and 10-0 vs underdogs.

Bambinos start season in shocking fashion — Team went 0-3 yesterday, despite every player on roster being active and healthy.

Scott Coleman shines — Wrecking Crew's ace gave up just 5 runs on the day and lead the team to a 3-0 start.

Lynx are ready to be a playoff team once again — After upsetting the Bambinos, the Lynx went on to finish 2-1 on the day and are in the thick of the playoff hunt.

Storm show promise — Rookie's Aaron Adams and Ethan Erickson proved to be good offseason pickups and helped lead the Storm to a 2-1 day.

Waves overcome adversity — Despite missing Mason Klingberg all day and Adam Clark for half the day, the Waves managed to leave Opening Day 2-1 and currently atop the NC.

Bison make costly mistake — The team started rookie Isaac Kjose at pitcher in their 1st game vs underdogs instead of all-star Eric Titus and got smoked (gave up 24 runs). In their 2nd game vs Rapids, Erik pitched, gave up only 5 runs, and got the win. Why on earth didn't they start him in game 1? Will it come back to bite them in the standings later on?

Rapids woes continue — Team ended last season with 5 consecutive loses and followed that up with another three yesterday. At 0-3 the Rapids are already in a big hole.

Wrecking Crew "munchkins" ball out — Alan Luff and Tanner Stello (both high school underclassmen and barely above 5' feet tall) put on their big boy shoes and smacked the ball all over the place, raising everyone's eyeborws.

Lane Traver has career day with the stick — Veteran player, Lane Traver, might finally be in his "breakout" season. With the bat, Lane hit several home runs, including one against Kyle Godinho.

Josh Burckhardt becomes instant star — The rich got richer yesterday with the Express' rookie signing payoff of Josh Burckhardt, who lit it up offensively for the defending champs.

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