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Bambinos vs Express: Who Will Win Round 8 Of Rivalry?

Tomorrow's JAL action will kick off in arguably the best way possible.... Bambinos vs Express, the best rivalry in the modern era of JAL.

The rivalry began in JAL 12 when the two franchises were both new to the league and faced each other in their franchise debuts. The Express won the 1st meeting and ended up winning the JAL 12 title, but the Bambinos struck back in JAL 13 by beating Missouri in the regular season and in the AC Finals in route to a title of their own. In JAL 14 the Bambinos again beat the Express during the regular season, but it was Missouri who claimed the title. In the regular season of JAL 15 the Bambinos won again, but when they met in the AC Finals the Express were victors and went on to win the title.

As it stands today, the Bambinos lead the all-time series 4-3, however, the Express lead the title count 3-1. Tomorrow the heated rivals will square off once again. Who will win?

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