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Brock Johnson Is u-dogs New GM & Will Play For Team

Brock Johnson has accepted an offer from the underdogs to become the team's new general manager following the end of the "Ryan Fish era." Brock is the winningest player in JAL history and will also sign himself to the playing roster when free agency opens in a little over 2 weeks.

Brock's career to this point has of course consisted only with the Cobras (JAL 4-9 as player, JAL 4-8 as team owner) and he said the franchise will always be his "true home," however, things are different now.

"That was a completely different era of the league," he said. "I'll always still root for them, but it's time to start a new journey."

Brock had several options outside of the underdogs when his return was announced earlier today, but he said the intrigue of lifting the "u-dogs curse" was too great to pass up.

"The underdogs have never won a championship and I want to do that for them," Brock said. "Especially for Grannie Woodruff (long-time team owner)."

The last time the underdogs made the playoffs was JAL 9, 7 seasons ago. With Brock Johnson now running day-to-day operations, can the "cursed franchise" finally be brought to glory and win a championship?

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