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Way Too Early JAL 17 MVP Odds

1. Colton Titus ------------ 2/1

Colton had the worst season of his career in JAL 16 and was still amid the MVP conversation at the end of it. He finished very hot last season and will be highly motived to redeem a non-playoff Bambinos team in JAL 17.

2. Matthew Morton ------ 3/1

It's a very credible statement to say that no team in the league relies on a single player more than the Lynx rely on Morton. Had Morton been able to finish out the last 1/3 of the JAL 16 season he very likely could have ended up winning MVP.

3. Jeter Larson ---------- 3.5/1

Jeter Larson is the #1 ranked player in the game and lead the Rapids to a championship last season. He should be higher than #3 on this list, but reliability has been a constant issue so far in his young career. Last season, for example, he only played in 6/11 games for the Rapids. That has to improve if he's ever to win this award.

4. Kyle Godinho --------- 4/1

Godinho is the greatest player in JAL of all time. He's the reigning MVP and has won it twice before that as well. Godinho, however, is expected to pitch far less innings than ever before next season. As we know, pitchers usually win MVP and if Godinho only throws 50% of the time for the Express (or less), it'll be awfully hard for him to win MVP.

5. Adam Clark ---------- 4.5/1

Every season of Clark's 5-season career he's improved. Last season he was in the hunt to win MVP the entire way, so based on the logic that he'll continue improving next season, Clark has a realistic shot.

6. Shea Thomas --------- 6/1

A lot of people are predicting the Lawmen to vault into a title contender next season and a lot of that is because of Shea Thomas. He's got heat, he's got movement and now that his rookie season is over, he's got experience too.

7. Josh Burckhardt ------- 8/1

Here's the thing, if the Express finish with one of the best records again and Godinho/Coleman/Sullivan are all splitting pitching time, Burckhardt might just end up as the most deserving guy from the team to get MVP given that he's their best batter.

8. Troy Flanagan ---------- 9/1

Flanagan is the reigning Fielding Crown winner and was in contention to win the Batting Crown last season too, making him arguably the best two-way player. Most of all, Flanagan is possibly the most clutch player in the game.

9. Aaron Adams ---------- 9.5/1

Adams literally does it all. He won the Batting Crown last season, was in contention for Fielding Crown and pitched roughly 50% of the Storm's innings. The problem is that for the Storm to eventually win big, Adams probably will need to be moved off pitching duties, at least as a regular starter. If he can win a double crown though (batting and fielding), and take the Storm back to the postseason, he'd be hard to deny MVP.

10. Connor Vermilyea ----- 10.5/1

Vermilyea received a fair amount of criticism in JAL 16 for having a "down season," but at the end of the day he's one of the only pitchers in the game that starts (and goes all 5 innings) every game for his team. Although he gave up lots of home runs last season, he still lead the Cobras to a 5-3 record and is no doubt the best player on the team. If he can tighten his fastball back up next season, Vermilyea will be in the MVP conversation no doubt.

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