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3 Players Ready to Become All-Stars in JAL 17

Kaden Vanderwerf - Bambinos

Following Vanderwerf's rookie season people have been waiting for him to emerge as an all-star player, but it hasn't happened yet. Now going into his 4th career season, JAL 17 will finally be the time. Vanderwerf has shown time after time he's got all the tools to be a Batting Crown level hitter. He can hit for contact and power. Much like how Lane Traver finally broke out last season (in his 4th season), Vanderwerf can do the same if he finds consistency.

Zachary Warren - Bison

Although only a rookie, Warren is being thrust into a situation where he is going to be "the guy" right away. Expect Warren to pitch most if not all games for the Bison this season and be their most dangerous batter. He may not be a top 5 player in the game when the season is over with, but he'll likely be clearly the Bison's best player... And if the team is half-decent, Warren will probably be selected as an all-star.

Shea Thomas - Lawmen

Thomas' situation with the Lawmen is a lot like Warren's, except for that the Lawmen will probably be better than the Bison and Thomas could end up in contention for MVP. Of all the players in the league who have never been all-stars before, Thomas has by far the best odds to do so this season.

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