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Opening Day Odds & Predications (All 6 Games)

JAL 18 Opening Day is next Sunday, July 29! Close enough now to start making accurate predictions on what will happen...

Lynx vs Sasquatches (Opening Game) - 7:00 PM, CRES Field - Facebook

Spread: TOU -1.5

Line: TOU -130, GM +115

O/U: 11

Prediction: The defending champs will struggle early in the game and fall behind, but will take the lead late and start the season off with a close win. Lynx win 6-5

Lynx vs Bison - 7:20 PM, CRES Field - Twitter

Spread: TOU -4

Line: TOU -170, COL +150

O/U: 13

Prediction: The Bison will surprise most JAL fans by putting rookie Eric Dorland in the circle to pitch. Although he will show strong potential, his inexperience with the JAL 1-pitch rule will be too much to handle in his debut and he will walk in several runs - too many to overcome. Lynx win 9-4.

Storm vs Sasquatches - 7:40 PM, CRES Field - Twitter

Spread: GM -4.5

Line: GM -135, ANA +130

O/U: 15

Prediction: The Storm's supposed stud ace pitcher, Erik Keele, will end up not being active for the Opening Day (has never played despite being on a roster for 2 prior seasons) and the Storm will end up either throwing Keith Bunn or one of their many rookies. The Sasquatches will be warmed up from their game vs the Lynx and hand the new-era Storm a tough first game loss. Sasquatches win 10-5.

underdogs vs Bison - 8:00 PM, CRES Field - Twitter

Spread: UH -3.5

Line: UH -180, COL +180

O/U: 12.5

Prediction: The newly studded-up underdogs will clearly look like the better team, but being that the Bison will be warmed up from their Lynx game earlier and the u-dogs will be playing under a massive spotlight and expectations in their first game with Vermilyea, this one will be tight for a while. The underdogs will pull away eventually and win 8-4.

underdogs vs Storm - 8:20 PM, CRES Field - Twitter

Spread: UH -5.5

Line: UH -175, ANA +170

O/U: 13.5

Prediction: Trevor Goforth will pitch a gem in his second game and the underdogs will put the Storm down early. Anaheim will try out a different pitcher from their 1st game, but the result in terms of runs allowed will be more or less the same. underdogs win 10-3.

Express vs Cobras - 8:40 PM, CRES Field - Facebook

Spread: MO -3

Line: MO -160, SF +140

O/U: 11

Prediction: Erik Titus, hungry for respect, will pitch lights out early and stay stride for stride with Kyle Godinho for a bit. Eventually, Josh Burckhardt will start getting some hits though and break the game open. The Cobras will lose, but still look like a playoff team even without Vermileya. Express win 7-4.

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