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Preseason Team Snapshots: West Coast Waves


Anthony Nusbaum (Co-Owner, GM)

Dereck Anderson (Co-Owner)

Depth Charts

Lineup (S = Constant Starter)

S. Aaron Adams

S. Zachary Warren

3. Anthony Nusbaum

4. Brodey Lamb


1. Brodey Lamb

2. Aaron Adams

3. Anthony Nusbaum


1. Aaron Adams

2. Brodey Lamb


Explosive batting lineup with seasoned veteran duo of Adams and Warren. Young pitcher Lamb should be able to grow comfortably into ace pitcher role with regular run support and a Fielding Crown winner in Adams cleaning up the outfield. Adams is also arguably the best backup pitcher in the league which gives the an option to sub quickly at pitcher if/when Lamb struggles. Nusbaum is also one of the handful of owner/GM's that's present at games and provides a "coach" presence of leadership. He's also very good at making sure his players are focused and motivated for each game regardless of the matchup importance or if a key player is inactive.


The Waves need Aaron Adams to bounce back hitting-wise as he's coming off a moderately down season (.234). Without better hitting production from him, the Waves would once again become way too reliant on sporadic big hits from Warren. Adams also now lives in Hood River, OR (2 hour drive), which increases the potential of him missing (ballpark est. 1-3) games.


Batting: B+

Pitching: B

Fielding: A-

Management: A

Roster Sturdiness: B

Overall: B

Plan (probably)

Carefully develop Lamb as team's ace of the future so that hopefully by mid-season he's progressed far enough the Waves can transition out of a "game-manager" pitching strategy and into a "weapons at every position" outlook towards the postseason.


Cobras x2

Bison x2





Projected Wins



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