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Adam Clark Holds Off On Offer From Ubbelohde Hill

The underdogs offered free agent Adam Clark a $6/3-tournament contract yesterday, but Adam declined. Right now it is unclear if Adam is holding out for a bigger offer or if he is just simply not interesting in joining the underdogs.

In JAL XI Adam led the league in OBP (on base percentage) and had a solid ERA of 4.73 for the Cobras.

At this time, it's open to question where Adam will end up. With the Cobras openly stating they will not try to bring him back for another tournament, and because he just turned down the u-dogs, it seems like the Rapids could be the most likely scenario.

After JAL XI the Rapids wern't sure whether or not they would try to re-sign Shawn Godinho or go in another direction. As of late, team owner Julie Johnson seemed to be leaning strongly toward getting Shawn back, going so far as to say she would probably end up making him a small 1-tournament offer.

But upon hearing that Adam turned down Ubbelohde Hill her mood changed and she consulted Ty Johnson (who has 1 tournament left on his contract with the Rapids) on the idea of trying to sign Adam instead of Shawn. The biggest concern in the conversation was that he and Adam are both pitchers, but Ty seemed to be intrigued about playing with somebody else.

Expect Adam to get an offer from the Rapids soon.


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