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JAL XII Possible Dates

The demographic of the JAL consists of players mostly in college, or around that age, which means scheduling tournaments during the summer and holiday season is fairly easy to do because that's when everyone flocks home. However, spring time is a little bit trickier because not everyone's spring break is the same.

At this time, the league is still searching for a date to play JAL XII on. Since the end of JAL XI members have been peppering the question: When will the next tournament be?

Right now, the league is looking into a couple different options and has decided to lay them out for everybody to become aware of.

If JAL XII is going to be played in the spring it has to take place between March 18-20. The reason behind this is because most people who play in the league and are in college have spring break either March 11-20 or 18-27, so the 18th-20th an overlap period when everyone would be home at the same time. Within the 18th-20th, it is still unclear which day would work best.

If it becomes apparent that JAL XII can't be played in the spring, then it has been decided the tournament will be held on a date TBD in mid-to-late May.

Inputs and suggestions for JAL XII are very welcome.


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