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Rapids Re-Sign Shawn Godinho

After much thought and long deliberation, the Rapids finally did what everyone expected they would, and re-signed Shawn Godinho.

Shawn became a free agent after JAL XI, which wrapped up about a month ago, but Rapids owner Julie Johnson was hesitant to have Shawn back on the roster going forward. Much of this was simply because of the team's extreamly poor performance in the tournament, going 1-2 in the regular season and missing the playoffs . Because the Rapids had won the previous JAL X and had the best odds to win JAL XI, their poor outing did not bode well with Julie.

Following the tournament, much of the blame was placed on Shawn, who to be fair, ranked below average in every statistical category. Right away, Julie stated that the team would explore other options before trying to re-sign him.

Perhaps in the end the memory of Shawn making key plays with the bat in JAL X won out with Julie. Or maybe it was the fact that her most interested target in free agency, Adam Clark, was just swooped up by the underdogs. Either way, the Rapids finally made Shawn a $2/1-tournament offer to re-sign, and within minutes he took it.


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