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Kyle Godinho Will Make Debut in JAL XII

How good is Kyle Godinho really? We’ll find out in JAL XII.

Kyle has announced that he will make his JAL debut on March 18th for the upcoming tournament.

For those unaware, Kyle has been rumored for a couple tournaments to be a dare I say an “amazing” wiffle ball pitcher. Now, we all know that in this league we play Lawnball, a variation of traditional wiffle ball, so it’s unclear how well his supposed skills will transfer.

After Kyle announced he was going to play in JAL XII, he immediately wanted to know if it would be legal in the JAL to “sand down the wiffle ball.” According to him, rubbing sandpaper on the wiffle balls helps with his breaking ball pitches.

Naturally when I (Cale) heard his question, the now famous deflate-gate incident that happened in last year’s NFL season popped into my head and vetoed the request.

Figuring so, Kyle said that he believes he will still be able to pitch at a high level without the added support. He did mention however, that he has not pitched for nearly three years and was unsure if he will be rusty when the time comes.

None the less, Kyle is already the most hyped up rookie the league has ever had, even more than Dustin Hamilton was.

Now that he has officially joined the league, you can bet contract offers will start rolling in right away. Unfortunately for Kyle, thanks to the new CBA and it’s new rookie contracts rules, the max that Kyle can sign for is $6/2-tournaments. Whichever team ends up scoring the Kyle Godinho sweepstakes will get to delight in the fact that they’ll be gaining a possible “face of the franchise” player and only have him count $3 on their cap until his rookie deal is up.

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