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"Chat Sesh" This Week: Tierney Uhlenkott Talks Being 0-4 in the WWCD Cup and Possibly Conv

Cale: In the last two tournaments you made it to the WWCD Cup back-to-back times with the Lynx. What was your reaction when they chose to cut you this “offseason?”

Tierney: Well I was sad. I understand they wanted to keep Jordan but holy cow, $50/5-tournaments is too much. I was disappointed, but it’s okay, the u-dogs will just have to beat them in JAL XII.

Cale: You’re playing for your grandmother’s (Cathy Woodruff’s) team now. She coached you in youth softball and helped turn you into a state champion pitcher in HS. How much of a factor did getting to reunite with her play in your decision to sign with the u-dogs?

Tierney: It was definitely a factor. I can still throw those pitches from HS, and Grannie (Cathy) knows that. I’m ready to sit some people down.

Cale: Wait, do you mean to say you’re going to try and pitch in the JAL?

Tierney: Of course. I’m ready to take over as the league’s pitching master. Nobody's ready for it.

Cale: Wow, there’s some big news. Won't it be harder to pitch softball style with wiffle balls?

Tierney: Maybe. But you never lose the skill of it. It’ll take some getting use to.

Cale: I hate to bring up this stat, but you’re 0-4 in the WWCD Cup. How frustrating is that?

Tierney: It’s been a rough go each time. One of those trips to the WWCD Cup was back when I was on the Rapids and played alongside Erika Halverson though. Nobody thought we had a chance that tournament. Overall, just the experience of making it to the Cup is great, so going four different times is a plus. But I’m ready to finally take that trophy home. For both me and the franchise, it’s time.

Cale: Whatever team you’re on does always seem to overachieve. Is that enough to justify yourself as a winner in this league despite the 0-4 record when the title is on the line?

Tierney: I think so. If you look at my career I don’t think you can leave anything out.

Cale: You’re currently the #17 ranked player in the league(rankings are on the website). Agree?

Tierney: I’m surprised. 17 is okay, I guess it’s fun to be underrated.

Cale: Which individual player do you want to beat most in the upcoming JAL XII?

Tierney: Darren Ayoub, by far. He talks a big game. He and Jacob Rahn need to be brought down. Enough with the Fog.

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