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"Chat Sesh" This Week: Tierney Uhlenkott Talks Being 0-4 in the WWCD Cup and Possibly Conv

Tierney Uhlenkott may not be one of the best players in the league, but if it counts for anything, she’s certainly the best female player in JAL history. After being cut from by the Lynx this “offseason” the 1-time all-star ended up signing with her grandma’s team, the Ubbelohde Hill underdogs. Here’s Tierney on this week’s “chat sesh.”

Cale: In the last two tournaments you made it to the WWCD Cup back-to-back times with the Lynx. What was your reaction when they chose to cut you this “offseason?”

Tierney: Well I was sad. I understand they wanted to keep Jordan but holy cow, $50/5-tournaments is too much. I was disappointed, but it’s okay, the u-dogs will just have to beat them in JAL XII.

Cale: You’re playing for your grandmother’s (Cathy Woodruff’s) team now. She coached you in youth softball and helped turn you into a state champion pitcher in HS. How much of a factor did getting to reunite with her play in your decision to sign with the u-dogs?

Tierney: It was definitely a factor. I can still throw those pitches from HS, and Grannie (Cathy) knows that. I’m ready to sit some people down.

Cale: Wait, do you mean to say you’re going to try and pitch in the JAL?

Tierney: Of course. I’m ready to take over as the league’s pitching master. Nobody's ready for it.

Cale: Wow, there’s some big news. Won't it be harder to pitch softball style with wiffle balls?

Tierney: Maybe. But you never lose the skill of it. It’ll take some getting use to.

Cale: I hate to bring up this stat, but you’re 0-4 in the WWCD Cup. How frustrating is that?

Tierney: It’s been a rough go each time. One of those trips to the WWCD Cup was back when I was on the Rapids and played alongside Erika Halverson though. Nobody thought we had a chance that tournament. Overall, just the experience of making it to the Cup is great, so going four different times is a plus. But I’m ready to finally take that trophy home. For both me and the franchise, it’s time.

Cale: Whatever team you’re on does always seem to overachieve. Is that enough to justify yourself as a winner in this league despite the 0-4 record when the title is on the line?

Tierney: I think so. If you look at my career I don’t think you can leave anything out.

Cale: You’re currently the #17 ranked player in the league(rankings are on the website). Agree?

Tierney: I’m surprised. 17 is okay, I guess it’s fun to be underrated.

Cale: Which individual player do you want to beat most in the upcoming JAL XII?

Tierney: Darren Ayoub, by far. He talks a big game. He and Jacob Rahn need to be brought down. Enough with the Fog.

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