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JAL XII Will Be Played At CRMS Field

The Castle Rock Middle School Field will be home to JAL XII. CRMS Field (which hosted JAL X) was selected because it accommodates the league’s objective to use 2 fields for the tournament. Yes, for the first time ever, 2 separate playing fields will be used in a JAL tournament.

As the league continues to grow in size, so too does the playing sites. With 2 fields, 2 games will be able to be played at the same time. A few different sites were considered, but ultimately the CRMS Field stood out as the best option.

As for future tournament locations, league officials have been bouncing around a few different ideas that would be great to get feedback on. These ideas include: Having the first ever indoor tournament (in a gym), playing somewhere outside of Castle Rock, playing on a hard surface (like pavement or dirt)

Additionally, the JAL XII schedule has been finalized, but will not be released for another week or so.

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