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'Chat Sesh' This Week: Hunter Whitten and Tyler Traver of Cowlitz Sound Off

Cowlitz Bambinos owner Hunter Whitten requested to be on this week’s chat sesh for reason’s you’ll see below. He was accompanied by one of the team’s players, Tyler Traver, who is currently ranked #19 and will be making his JAL debut on March 18th for JAL XII.

Cale: Hunter, you came to me about being on Chat Sesh this week. I assume there’s something you want to get off your chest for the whole league to hear?

Hunter: Well, there is. In my opinion, we (Cowlitz) are being grossly overlooked right now. As owner I refuse to just stand idly by that.

Cale: Isn’t being underrated a good thing?

Hunter: Well in some instances yes, such as the 1980 US Olympic hockey team, or when Rocky beat that roided out Russian. But here’s the thing, we’re no underdogs. We’re here to hit dingers, talk trash and be better than everyone else. That’s our franchise motto.

Cale: Tyler, why didn’t you consider signing with any other team? People around the league know you’re a good athlete, I’m sure another team or two would have made you a contract offer…

Tyler: Well we’re the Cowlitz ‘Bambinos’ and since I’m basically like “The Great Bambino” (Babe Ruth) it just made sense to play for this franchise.

Cale: Is there a specific pitcher in the JAL you’re excited to face?

Tyler: Nobody can pitch against me. The other teams are going to need some real talent to put me away.

Cale: You guys are awfully arrogant. This is giving me flashbacks to when the Fog entered the JAL. I don’t know if there’s enough room in this league for two loudmouth teams…

Tyler: Well the thing is, they’ll quiet down soon. Jacob Rahn is there pitcher… I mean, can you say ‘dingers’?

Hunter: The Fog are overhyped and JAL XI was obviously a fluke.

Cale: The number of targets on your back is growing by the second. Is there anybody or any team you have respect for as newcomers to the league?

Hunter: Respect is for the weak.

Tyler: None

Cale: Alright, you guys obviously requested to be on Chat Sesh this week so you could roast future opponents and make a statement. I respect that, so let’s do this your way… I’m going to rattle off players in the JAL and you tell me what you think of them. Tyler, James French…

Tyler: Dingers.

Cale: Hunter, Adam Clark…

Hunter: Bush league.

Cale: Tyler, Jordan Halverson…

Tyler: Dingers. Long ones. Nobody is going to hit off us either, especially him.

Cale: Oh boy. You’ll have 3 regular season games and you’re in the American Conference, which seems to be the stronger of the 2 right now. If somebody offered you a 2-1 record I assume you wouldn’t take it?

Tyler: First of all, us being in the American Conference is what’s making it stronger. And as for 2-1, no. We expect to roll into the playoffs at 3-0. The Fog went 2-1 in the last 2 tournaments and they’re mediocre.

Cale: Hunter I’ll give you the last words. Anyone else or team you want to make enemies with?

Hunter: Nope, I think the point has been made. We’re gonna talk trash, hit dingers and be better than everyone else for a long time to come. Cowlitz Bambinos JAL XII champs, you heard it here first.

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