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New Era of Cobras Franchise Will Begin After JAL XIII

Cobras owner Erika Halverson has just announced that a "new era" for the franchise will begin after the upcoming tournament. The exact details of this breaking news will be released in a special video coming out tomorrow.

The announcements in the video will have significant importance on both the team's current state and it's future.

The only information the league will comment on about the situation before tomorrow is this: For the last 2-3 weeks Halverson, the JAL and an outside Individual have been working and negotiating on an agreement that would shakeup the franchise management.... Those negotiations are now a closed deal.

We're sure many of you smart cookies read between the lines of this whole press release and know exactly what's about to go down. But for those of you who are utterly confused at the moment, tune back n tomorrow to get the answers.

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