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Historic JAL Teams Play Exhibition Series

Earlier today two of the JAL's most historic teams squared off against each other in a 7 game series: The JAL 1 Cinny Sticks (Ty Johnson, Karley Eaton) vs the JAL 4-9 Cobras (Brock Johnson, Cale Johnson).

The '1' Cinny Sticks are famous for being the league's first ever champions. The '4-9' Cobras on the other hand, are famous for being the league's first champions of the franchise era and winning a total of 3 titles in 5 seasons.

The series was played at the site of JAL 4 (Ocean Park Beach). Former u-dogs/Rapids player and former Cobras owner Erika Halverson also played on the Cobras team for the series.

In the end, the '4-9' Cobras won the series 4-1. Here were the game by game results.....

Game 1: Cobras won 8-4

Game 2: Cobras won 7-3

Game 3: Cobras won 7-5

Game 4: Cinny Sticks won 6-2

Game 5: Cobras won 12-2

Though it wasn't a deep series, the Cinny Sticks lead in every game except game 5. In games 1-4 they actually lead for more total innings than the Cobras, but in the first 3 games blew thier lead in either the 3rd or 4th innings.

During off-seasons the JAL encourages players on different teams to mix with others for exhibition games or for old teams to get together and do the same for fun.

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