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Preseason Team Snapshots: Seattle Sasquatches


AJ Moore (Owner)

Colby Mazza (GM)

Depth Charts

Lineup (S = Constant Starter)

S. Colby Mazza

S. Marcus Deyo

S. AJ Moore

S. Scott Coleman


1. Scott Coleman

2. Marcus Deyo

3. Colby Mazza


1. Colby Mazza

2. Marcus Deyo

3. AJ Moore


Colby Mazza had a career-best season in JAL 23, winning the Batting Crown and being a finalist for Fielding Crown and MVP. He can hit for power and contact, but also doesn't have to carry the entire offensive load. Marcus Deyo is also a former Batting Crown winner and AJ Moore and Scott Coleman are HR threats. The Sasquatches lineup is explosive and deep. Defensively both of the team's primary pitchers (Coleman and Deyo) are reliable to throw strikes on a regular basis, thus avoiding excessive runs scored via walks and allowing for Colby Mazza to cleanup balls in-play and rack up fielding outs. In limited pitching action last season, Mazza also showed he may possess some unexplored talent at the position.


Seattle's lineup might be too deep for it's own good and wasn't managed as well as it could've been last season. Per the league's no-order lineup rules, Colby Mazza can take every other at-bat for the team, but they did not adopt that strategy in JAL 23. Coming off his .469 and 9 HR season, it would be a gross mistake to do that again in JAL 24. As mentioned in the strengths section, Coleman and Deyo do a nice job of limiting walks and making teams beat them with hits — however, this is partially their game plan because both pitchers struggle to overpower their opponents. Neither of them are very capable of dominating a game at this point in their throwing careers. Lastly, Moore and Mazza have done a nice job as managers to establish a competitive, optimistic roster, but have struggled finding and developing new players to take them to the next level. The current roster is all veteran players who's collective ceiling doesn't seem high enough to contend for a title.


Batting: B+

Pitching: C-

Fielding: A

Management: B-

Roster Sturdiness: A

Overall: B-

Plan (probably)

Perhaps in his first season as GM Colby Mazza felt bad or awkward about telling the team he should take every other at-bat, but it really needs to happen in JAL 24. If Mazza won't make the command, AJ Moore should as owner. On defense the Sasquatches should continue rotating Coleman and Deyo as starters, but give Mazza some more experimental opportunities during blowouts or let him start against against a team they feel confident to beat regardless (Lawmen?). By doing so, maybe Seattle will end up discovering their ace of the future was really just Mazza all along.


Lawmen x2

Express x2

Wrecking Crew




Projected Wins



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