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underdogs Will Have 'New Look' After JAL XI

Silver Lake underdogs owner Cathy Woodruff says that after JAL XI the franchise is going to shake things up a bit and have a 'new look' starting with a new location name.

“We’re going to be the Ubbelohde Hill underdogs,” said Cathy.

For those that don’t know, Ubbelohde Hill is the ridge that Spirit Lake Hwy begins on.

Because Cathy resides on Ubbelohde Hill the name makes more geographic sense than Silver Lake, but that’s not why the decision was ultimately made...

Other than the Bay Area Fog (who have played in only 1 tournament), the underdogs are the only franchise without a WWCD Cup. Simply put, the u-dogs want to flush out their current ‘no titles’ image for something new and reviving.

To go along with the name change the underdogs will create a new logo. According to Cathy the name ‘underdogs’ (Spelled specifically with a lowercase u) will not be changed and nor will the team’s colors of purple and yellow. The shades of the colors, however, may be altered.

Right now there’s nobody craving a WWCD Cup more than the underdogs. Maybe this ‘new look’ can help the franchise finally get over the hump.

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