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Bison Sign Ty Franklin, Hold Off On Mikel Skreen

Last night Columbia Bison owner James French signed Ty Franklin to the team on a $4/2 tournament deal.

In JAL X it was Mikel Skreen who played alongside James and it t was expected that would be the case in JAL XI as well. Mikel, however, was on just a one tournament deal and is currently a free agent.

Figuring James and Mikel would sign together, no other team in the league had previously bothered to consider offering Mikel a deal, but now a couple teams have drawn interest.

James says that "maybe soon" the Bison will lock up Mikel, who had plesantly surprising solid performance for the team in JAL X. But as for now, the Bison, who are ranked #6/6 going into next weekends tournament, will bank on rookie Ty Franklin.

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