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Award Winners For JAL XI

The votes are in, here's who's got the nods....

MVP: Jacob Rahn (Fog)

Jacob had the best performance on the championship team. Only 1 time in league history has MVP gone to a player not on the winning team (Brock Johnson, JAL V).

Also recieved votes: Jordan Halverson (Lynx), Darren Ayoub (Fog)

Pitching Crown: Jordan Halverson (Lynx)

Jordan had a tournament best ERA of 2.17, and a strikeout to walk ratio of 65-25.

Also recieved votes: None

Batting Crown: Jacob Rahn (Fog)

There were only 2 home runs hit in the entire tournament and Jacob hit them both. The second was quite possibly the highest and deepest home run ever hit in league history, but more importantly it was a 3-run shot in the WWCD Cup that gave the Fog a 3-0 lead they never gave up. Jacob also had the 4th best OBP (On Base Percentage) of .524.

Also recieved votes: None

Fielding Crown: Darren Ayoub (Fog)

Do we even need to explain how Darren won this? No. The 'Golden Foot' always wins the Fielding Crown.

Also recieved votes: None

All-Star Team: Jacob Rahn (Fog), Jordan Halverson (Lynx), Adam Clarck (Cobras), Darren Ayoub (Fog), James French (Bison)

Also revieved votes: Ty Johnson (Rapids), Mikel Skreen (Bison)

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