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underdogs Officially Change Location Name, Logo

A few weeks ago underdogs owner Cathy Woodruff said that after JAL XI the franchise would make some "image and brand" changes. The idea is that giving the underdogs a new look will help give the struggling franchise (Which is now the only team left in the league to never win a championship) a clean slate.

Today Cathy followed through with her statement and the underdogs are officially unveiling their changes.

The underdogs will now go by "Ubbelohde Hill underdogs" instead of "Silver Lake underdogs."

Additionally the team's new logo will feature a howling husky-dog, replacing the former boxer-dog.

Lastly, the team's colors (as seen on the new logo) have been slightly altered. A darker purple, gold, and black will replace the bright purple and yellow the team had been using.

JAL logo (JAL 9-pres).png
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