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JAL Adds New Expansion Franchise, the Missouri Express

Thanks to everyone’s support in making the JAL a fun and unique backyard league to be apart of and follow, it continues to grow in size.

Today, the JAL is proud to introduce our newest expansion team. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand and applaud (yes, actually stand up wherever you are and awkwardly start clapping!) to welcome into your league, the Missouri Express.

Alright, sit back down.

The Missouri Express will be owned by Garrett Blain and are set to make their JAL debut in the next tournament, JAL XII.

Garrett is currently a student at the University of Kansas majoring in sports management and is one of my (Cale’s) best friends. About a week ago, Garrett approached Cale about owning an expansion team to the league. After discussing the idea with assistant commissioners Brock and Ty Johnson and other members of the league about the logistics of adding a new team, the decision was made and the the Missouri Express were approved for expansion.

A Springfield, Missouri native, Garrett chose to make his home state the location name for the team. The mascot took a little more thinking though. Wanting the mascot to reflect the state of Missouri in someway, Outlaws, Rebels, Mules, and Steamboats were among the final choices before he ultimately selected Express. For those that don’t know, Missouri is historically a big railroad hub and the Blain family has ties to the industry.

As seen in their new and official logo above, the team colors will be red, black and white. Interestingly, the Express are the first team in the league to use red as a team color.

Obviously Garrett isn’t from around the Northwest area, but according to him that won’t hinder his ability to build a winning franchise.

"I’ve been studying the league for a while," said Garrett. "I read all the league news, I’ve looked through all the stats, and I’m aware of all the history. I can tell who’s good and what it’s going to take to win," he added.

And then of course if Garrett wants information about something he can’t see for himself, he’s got the league’s head man to easily relay it to him.

As much enthusiasm as Garrett has for his new team, only time will tell if the Missouri Express can make a name for themselves in the JAL.

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