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Express Land Big Name Rookie Kyle Godinho and Shortly After Sign Brad Williamson

Singing Kyle Godinho was a three way race between the Express, Rapids and Lynx for about a week. Ultimately last night he chose to sign with the Express. Kyle stated that his primary concern was that he would be the starting pitcher for whichever team he chose. Since the Rapids and Lynx already have the two best pitchers in the league, and both made clear that Kyle would have to earn his innings with them, Kyle slowly began to lean toward Missouri.

Rightfully so, Missouri’s owner Garrett Blain was overjoyed when he got a text from Kyle last night that read “If you’ll name me the starting pitcher for the Express, I’ll sign tonight.”

About an hour after Kyle signed with the Express, he got right on the recruitment trail. Within in hour, he had convinced Brad Williamson, another will-be rookie to sign with the team for a max rookie deal as well.

According to Kyle, Brad is also a stud at the great game of wiffleball. All the rumors about Kyle being a great pitcher come from his performances in an old wiffleball league he played in 3 years ago. In that league, Kyle won the Best Pitcher Award and can you guess who won the overall MVP… Brad Williamson, who Kyle described as an outstanding hitter.

You can take all that information about the two players however you want, but I think it’s fair to assume they’re both probably going to be all-star level players, maybe MVP level.

With Kyle to throw K’s and Brad to swing the bat, look out! The Missouri Express have jumped from #8 to #2 in the power rankings are primed to make a run at the WWCD Cup right out of the gate in JAL XII.

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